Outlook® Media Planner

MSW-ARS Awarded US Patent for Innovative Outlook® Media Planner

MSW-ARS Research has been awarded U.S. Patent, #8,676,638 for the system and method underlying the innovative Outlook® Media Planner.

The Outlook Media Planner is an app that enables marketers to run multiple “what-if” scenarios to determine the likely impact their advertising will have on sales and market share.  The Outlook Media Planner can be used as an upstream tool, while advertising is in development, or as a downstream tool, after ads have been produced and are ready for airing.  Marketers can use these “what if” scenarios to optimize total media weight as well as the distribution of weight among all the ads in a plan.

How does it work?

The Outlook Media Planner applies proven algorithms to key marketing variables in the context of media costs and the brand’s current market position.  It incorporates the newest learnings on advertising strength, effective media weight, wearout, continuity and competitive environment to estimate an advertising plan’s likely quarterly impact on the bottom line.  The application is modularized to answer a variety of common marketing questions such as:

 What if my budget gets cut; can I still make my numbers?

 What amount of media spend is necessary to meet my business objectives?

 How many ad executions will I need?

 When will my ads need to be refreshed with new ones?

 What will the sales impact be this quarter?

 What's the optimal allocation of GRPs between my 30 and 15-second television ads?

Up until now marketers were forced to use blunt rules of thumb for ad planning and forecasting.  The data was available for a more rigorous approach but the complexity made it difficult and time consuming to complete.  The Outlook Media Planner automates the process, making it fast and convenient.

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