MSW-ARS has applied scientific discoveries in the areas of neurobiology and psychology to a variety of market research settings to deliver insights that will capture the potential of your brand's unconscious, first-impression consumer response.

Popular research applications include:

  • Choosing the best logo or product name
  • Package testing
  • Menu board optimization
  • Motivation research
  • Advertising
  • Brand choice
  • User experience

MSW-ARS Neuroscience solutions offer a variety of advantages that enable new scientific discoveries to deliver unique insights that create marketing opportunities:

  1. Measures both:
    • Limbic System (Primary reaction), e.g., GSR measuring Activation
    • Neocortex (Higher Order effects), e.g., EEG measure of Engagement
  2. Detects Mirror Neurons Activity found in the EEG (following Rizzolatti), indicating:
    • Subconscious empathy
    • Connection with people
    • Connecting with brands
  3. Measures two critical emotional dimensions:
    • Primary (innate): Enjoy brand, short term connection with brand
    • Higher Order (acquired): Identify with brand, long term connection with brand
  4. Scientific Scrutiny (method reviewed and published in respected journals)
    • Journal of Neuroscience 2009
    • Journal of Psychology (Neuroscience special) 2009
    • der markt, Journal für Marketing 2010
  5. Reaction Times (subconscious memory)
    • To uncover subconscious content
    • To reveal subconscious attitudes and associations toward brand
  6. Integrated Eye-Tracking
    • Brings together eye tracking and neurometrics to know what they feel about what they see.
  7. Automated Facial Coding
    • Spontaneous measurement of emotional reactions online.

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