BAR™, Behavior Activated Research™

BAR™, Behavior Activated Research™

Consumer Insights from Actual Triers and Buyers

Getting immediate feedback on new products, features or enhancements is a must for marketers seeking to get the most out of their marketing efforts. But, gathering this type of information from actual purchasers is often a challenge.

MSW●ARS's Behavior Activated Research™ (BAR™) is a proprietary survey technique, in partnership with Catalina Marketing®. This technique captures powerful insights quickly based on actual consumer behavior. This solution triggers customized surveys at the checkout counter based on a specific UPC-scanned purchase or a customer’s historical frequent shopper-card data.

Tapping into a database of over 230 million shoppers in more than 18,000 grocery, drug and mass merchandise stores in 99 U.S. markets enables us to target research as never before possible and reach a range of consumer segments and niche groups with ease.


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