Overview of Solutions

MSW-ARS has developed empirical evidence of how communications work that can accurately connect short-term sales and long-term brand development to the performance of the individual and collective touch points in the journey.

Four unique, strategic benefits that our capabilities provide to our clients:

  1. Our ability to uniquely measure relevance, differentiation and emotion and built about a unique combination of system 1 & 2 analytics.
  2. Our ability to discover unspoken needs along the customer journey from a segmentation approach that contains a derived importance analysis.
  3. Our pathway to purchase analysis is empowered by a touch point testing approach that can persuade customers to buy at each of the moments of truth touchpoints along the journey as well as determining the power of the overall journey to persuade.
  4. Finally, our unique, magnitude predictive, preference metric allows best practice measurement of brand activation to drive growth in the brand franchise.

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