Overview of Solutions

MSW●ARS provides research based, brand strategy consultancy to support an integrated brand experience. We understand that brand growth is based upon a variety of customer interactions. Our solutions help companies understand and improve the persuasiveness, consistency and coherency of the brand promise across and within each media used by the brand.

We help build profitable brands by providing world class solutions in the following areas:

Brand Planning

Communications strategy development and implementation

Custom Research Services MSW●ARS offers full service research capabilities to meet our clients' needs.
Omnibus Fast, inexpensive insights. 5,000 census representative interviews per week.
3C Qualitative™ A proven approach to recruit Creative, Confident, Communicators for qualitative research that can be conducted at any stage in the creative process to aid development and refinement.
Pilot™ Suite Qual/Quant multi stage process to develop the BIG idea. A&U habits, landscape brand positioning analysis, segmentation to identify relevant target groups and what motivates brand choice.
Inside life Habits™ Captures a comprehensive, granular look at consumer’s daily habits using mobile devices.
Market Navigator™ A category and brand equity analysis that deconstructs equity into base pillars for marketing planning.  It is the first step in our communications development process that includes rational and emotional measurement that’s hard-linked within our brand equity improvement paradigm.
Focus™ Multi-model Segmentation: identifying relevant target groups though Needs, Psychographic, Brand Franchise™, and Target Voice analysis.
Motivator™ Identifies what will motivate brand choice both emotionally and functionally.
Personality Profiler™ Aligns entertainment franchises (movies, music/television/film/athlete personalities, etc.) with brands. Examining the franchise’s core and extended fan base, consumer groups most influenced, and the overlaps in brand preferences.

Communications Activation

Creative evaluation of early concept to fully finished ads as well as campaign evaluation across all marketing touch points and media channels

Visual Validated Drivers Analysis of executional elements to providing a fast and inexpensive way to sort through, and understand the quality of the ad content different brands are pushing out into the market (TV or otherwise) within a category.  Output is a useful resource for creative ideation and development.
Sifter™ Message idea screening, addressing "What to say?"
Prolog*Plus™ Early creative screening tool that provides quantitative assessment and qualitative insights with online focus groups.
TouchPoint Suite™  
TouchPoint*Plus™ Sales-validated system that is predictive of advertising's in-market effectiveness. Available for ALL touch points: TV, Print, Radio, Digital, Website, PR, OOH.
TouchPoint*Fast™ A lighter version of our TouchPoint*Plus™ methodology offered with fast delivery.
TouchPoint*Mobile™ A version of our TouchPoint*Plus™ methodology administered on mobile or tablets, designed to capture respondent feedback on the device the media is designed to display.
TouchPoint*CET™ A variation of our TouchPoint*Plus™ methodology that addresses Competitive Environment issues.
Outlook® Media Planner & Forecasting Tool Powered by MSW•ARS Research’s empirical findings of how advertising selling power is delivered to market, the Outlook® Media Planner enables advertisers to project quarterly sales/share return of their TV advertising and conduct various “what-if” scenarios identifying needed plan adjustments to meet business objectives.


Advertising and brand equity tracking, media planning and strategy, return-on-investment and forecasting

ACCU*TRAK™ Continuous brand health monitor; identifies volume drivers, brand equity, ad performance and ROI.
Campaign Monitor™ In-market communications assessment, providing guidance in: campaign reach, touch point interactions, message takeaway, CCPersuasion™ and ROI.
In-The-Moments Insights Capture in the moment feedback via mobile device.
Apostle Loyalty™ Brand Apostles have an irrational loyalty to a brand. Emotions are key to this ongoing relationship.
BAR & BAR Rx Find the "right" people by recruiting them at the point of sale, based on current purchases and loyalty card data. BAR extends across both CPG and Rx categories.
On-Site Events Measure and understand the ROI of events and sponsorships.
Market Mix Modeling Modeling analysis provides a comprehensive view of copy effectiveness as it applies to the full marketing program and accounts for media copy scores across all media – primary and halo.


These capabilities are employed throughout the MSW●ARS continuum to serve our clients objectives as needed.

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