Facial Coding and Eye Tracking - Technology

Attention: Eye tracking

Will customers notice my communication? Eye tracking is a unique research method that tracks people’s eyes to know where they are (not!) looking at. This method answers key questions such as: Will the new package design attract and hold attention on the shelf? Because what you do not notice, you do not buy…

Unsurprisingly, eye tracking is considered one of the best methods to optimize communications such as adverts, TV commercials, packaging, websites, etc. In fact, 9 out of 10 leading advertisers are using eye tracking to optimize communication.

Eye tracking heatmap example

Eye tracking heatmap example


In comparison with conventional eye tracking – that uses specialized technology and invites respondents to labs – we are able to track people’s eyes with their own computers at home. Thanks to our unique platform we are able to deliver fast, cost-effective and global eye tracking insights.

Emotion: Facial coding

Which emotions does your communication evoke? Emotions are key in communication. Facial coding measures emotions through facial expressions. Facial expressions are spontaneous and hard to suppress because the muscles responsible for the expressions are directly wired with the brain.


Emotions are typically tracked via expensive and low sample MRI scans or less accurate explicit methods. Via our platform we are able to track people’s emotions using their standard computer and webcam at home. An algorithm processes the webcam images and is able to automatically detect 7 emotions: Happiness, Surprise, Confusion, Disgust, Fear, Sadness and Neutral.

The output of the algorithm is double checked by humans. Thanks to the combination of algorithms and humans we are able to deliver fast, cost effective and global insights about emotions.

Our platform

Our platform is the most advanced on the market. We are the only company in the world that is able to combine online eye tracking with online facial coding.

Just before the calibration and during the eye tracking and facial coding session we monitor for environmental factors and behavior (head pose, head movement), and if necessary, respondents may need to recalibrate.

Our platform is very flexible in displaying stimuli ranging from static images to video to live websites, with interesting features. For instance, we are able to make static images scrollable (x and y direction), and zoom in by clicking on certain areas, etc. For live websites we can activate/deactivate links and create overlays.

In addition the platform is able to track clicks (e.g. which products do shoppers want to buy?) and mouse movement, and record the screen (e.g. how do users navigate?)

After the eye tracking and facial coding we can also insert a survey with advanced features. It is easy to navigate from our platform to your own platform via redirects.