Facial Coding and Eye Tracking - Solutions

Print and outdoor advertisements

Consumers are overwhelmed by visual messages. Some are good, some are not. At EyeSee we pre-test advertisements using eye tracking, to qualify the performance of the creative application. We increase the ROI of advertising with our insights, enabling you to:

  • Increase the response rate of your advertisement
  • Increase attention levels and communicate more / better
  • Increase the visibility of your key message and call for action
  • Increase brand awareness / attention / recall
  • Determine the most cost-effective format for publishing

TV Commercials, pre rolls and product placement

TV commercials can be a big investment. We take stock commercials and using our eye tracking and facial coding platform, identify the strong sections, facilitating a discounted refresh at a fraction of the price.

  • Measure the emotional engagement frame by frame
  • Push brand awareness by increasing brand visibility
  • Rank stock commercials with a single effectiveness score
  • Identify the true impact of product placement – is it seen?
  • Qualify page impact of embedded and pre-roll digital media

Direct Mail & In-store Newspapers (leaflets)

Advertising product offers in retailer’s newspaper (leaflets) is common-place for many manufacturers of CPG. Does it work? Using eye tracking platform, EyeSee will help you:

  • Select the optimum position
  • Increase the visibility of the main offer / promotion
  • Understand the impact of the number of products / page
  • Locate the blind spots and find the best layout
  • Optimize a creative application


Up to 80% of shopper behavior is subconsciously controlled. In a price sensitive market when competition is fierce the potential for brand switching is bigger than ever. Pack standout and POS impact is crucial. Using the eye tracking platform, EyeSee explores how to:

  • Optimize pack standout
  • Increase category sales by testing layout scenarios
  • Increase the visibility of elements that stimulate purchase
  • Identify the search and select process – is brand, pack size, price, shelf position or offer most important?


In popular categories, shoppers make purchase decisions in less than a second. How can you interrupt this? Where do you put your high margin products on the shelves? Using the eye tracking platform EyeSee can help you:

  • Increase visibility of your high margin products
  • Understand impact of labels, coupons,… on the shelves
  • Improve placement of adjacencies

Point of Sale

Printed board is expensive and in a busy retail environment it can be invisible. EyeSee tests POS in context – using images of retail environments – to qualify best practice.

  • Increase the impact of POS
  • Increase product trial and conversion
  • Learn about the best position, best shape, best colour, etc.

Digital Media online adverts and viral videos

As much as 40% of all digital media is never seen. Using facial coding and eye tracking, EyeSee tests digital campaigns to expose performance results:

  • Make your ad stand out and communicate more often
  • Qualify which websites are the most effective to publish
  • Determine the most cost-effective ad position and format

Web Design

What is the priority: content or advertising? EyeSee compares and contrasts both to reach optimal creative application. We also test and discover usability issues and increase conversion. Using facial coding and eye tracking, we expose:

  • Whether a particular design is more effective than another
  • If promotions stand out and if they impact purchases
  • Why participants are challenged performing certain tasks
  • Typical viewing behavior
  • Ways to increase length of stay and conversion


Have consumers clicked through, or not? Combine clicking insight with eye tracking and add greater understanding:

  • Remove ineffective sections
  • Make feature content/offers more visible
  • Understand prominence and viewing order
  • Determine visibility of calls for action
  • Optimize length of paragraphs