What We Do

MSW●ARS offers a process that helps create more effective communications, improve media allocation, improve ROI and ultimately build more profitable brands.  The process is embodied in a suite of products, MSW●ARS’S Brand Building Portfolio, that guides our clients from Brand Planning to Activation and then to In-Market Tracking.  We do this with a full array of world class solutions including proprietary survey techniques, facial coding, eye tracking, neuro measurement and media planning & forecasting.

While that sounds like a lot there’s actually more… we offer a wide range of complementary research solutions including: A&U, segmentation, conjoint, mobile, neuro, and other custom approaches. 

  • We Are High Touch… we listen, we design and we deliver, with a customer experience second to none.
  • Our Pricing is More Than Competitive… we have operational efficiencies and a philosophy of delivering value. 
  • We Offer Global Capabilities… in both established and emerging markets.
  • And We Are Always Innovating… recently awarded a US Patent for our innovative Outlook® Media Planner.

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